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Unlocking the Power of Bitcoin in the Metaweb

In the final stages of crafting "The Metaweb: the Next Level of the Internet," a groundbreaking development reshaped the landscape: Ordinal Theory emerged on the Bitcoin scene. This innovation empowered Bitcoin nodes to etch information onto satoshis, the tiniest units of Bitcoin. 


With Bitcoin, we've witnessed the birth of the most secure and decentralized system in existence. Remarkably, each of the 100 million satoshis that together form a Bitcoin can now serve as an everlasting repository of data. Bitcoin stands invulnerable to centralization, censorship, or shutdown – a true beacon of resilience.


After extensive research and reflection, we've reached a pivotal insight: Bitcoin Ordinals will play an integral role in the decentralized identity, addressing, and data storage systems laid out in our book. While the Metaweb thrives on a multi-chain framework, Bitcoin shall remain its beating heart.

Moreover, ATM, Bridgit DAO is currently considering a proposal to use @ sign handles as the primary decentralized identity. These @ sign handles would become the preferred distinguisher for identifying individuals in the emerging Overweb—a DAE (decentralized autonomous environment) above the webpage.


Think of the Overweb as a safe, AI-assisted space that facilitates interactions, information, and people beyond the confines of the standard webpage. In this analogy, the Overweb is to the Metaweb what Iceland--teh safest country--is to the entire world.

For you, this heralds a world of new possibilities. You can now acquire universal handles and engage in equitable and unrestricted ordinal mints. The key to unlocking these opportunities? Simply acquire a Bitcoin Wallet!

Get a Bitcoin Ordinals Wallet

Begin your Oridnals journey by setting up one of these Bitcoin Ordinals wallets:

Check out these videos with instructions.

RECOVERY PHRASE DIGITALLY! Here are some safety tips.


Participate in the Air Drop
Difficulty: 1 of 10 | Cost: FREE

The  Metaweb Book has an AIR DROP & rewards token called $MONEY for those who help make the book a success. 

$MONEY is on a
Bitcoin TAP protocol and will be listed on the TAP exchange. We have plans to incorporate staking rewards, etc.

Our 100% FREE Air Drop will be in several tranches. All you need is a Bitcoin Ordinals wallet, which is free to setup and make social posts. 

Take Action
Attend one or more of the launch events listed on the Metaweb page to get in on Air Drop #1. 

Stay tuned for more opportunities.


Unlock Your Digital Identity Now  
Difficulty: 3 of 10 | Cost: $1-2

Seize the opportunity to secure a Universal handle, such as @metaweb, for an astonishingly low cost – under $5! These handles stand as unique beacons across the digital cosmos, serving as your primary identifier in the Metaweb and beyond.


What makes these handles truly exceptional is their home on the Bitcoin blockchain. This guarantees their everlasting presence, allows for seamless buying and selling on decentralized exchanges, and even permits you to pass them onto the next generation.


Gone are the days of complex setups and running full Bitcoin nodes. Now, it's as simple as creating a Bitcoin Ordinals wallet, funding it with a small amount of Bitcoin, and verifying handle availability. If it's up for grabs, you can inscribe it onchain.


Act fast – over 34,500 handles have already found their owners! Remember, in this digital frontier, the early bird gets the worm. Secure yours today!

Are You Ready?

LFG! Follow these simple steps to secure your Universal handle:

  1. Fund your wallet with just $3 worth of Bitcoin. You can receive Bitcoin from someone or use the Buy feature within your wallet.

  2. Discover your ideal handle. Head over to, click the search function, and enter your desired handle in the format @handle. If it's not found, it's yours to inscribe!

  3. Inscribe your chosen handle. On Unisat, click Inscribe, then select Text. Enter your handle, complete with the @ sign, and follow the provided instructions.


Keep in mind that the availability of your handle is time-sensitive. If someone else claims it before you do, it becomes inaccessible. Additionally, Bitcoin network congestion may occasionally result in higher fees, exceeding the estimated $1-2 range. While you can wait for lower fees, remember that the early bird gets the worm!

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To help us continue building the Metaweb, your contributions are invaluable.

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