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The Metaweb book Presale 

Bridgit DAO's upcoming book "The Metaweb: The Next Level of the Internet" is to be published by renowned London-based publisher Taylor & Francis in July 2023.  

The Metaweb is a new layer on top of the web that creates decentralized public space above the web page, which will drastically reduce the problems with false information, abusers, and scammers, as well as enable an unprecedented level of connection and coordination that is necessary to deal with our existential threats.

Holders receive access to online book & ebook. 

Register your interest in the Metaweb Book and we will notify you with updates. 

Thanks for your interest!

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Let's reinstall the big missing feature of the web: computation above the web.


Digital Nations are purpose-aligned communities that have a dedicated space above the web page.

The Metaweb anchors the shift from the harmful attention economy towards a regenerative future with information integrity, free expression, fair value exchange & the massive collaboration needed to shift the course of humanity.

The Overweb
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