Get your NEAR Wallet

Get Your NEAR Wallet


1.  Go to

2. Click Create Wallet

3. Choose a name for your wallet, this will be your username in NEAR, press "Reserve"

4. Select "Secure Paraphrase" and press "Secure my account" and on that new page you will see the recovery words that appear (there are 12 words in total). It is VERY important that you write them down and keep them in a safe place. If you lose the words you can NOT recover your account.

5.You will be asked for any of the 12 words to verify that you saved them. You have to enter it and that's it.

Ckaim Your Big Missing Feature NFT

On, click Claim NFT.

Join Bridgit DAO  


1. Go to

2. Click "Launch App"


3. Click the wallet icon in the upper right corner


4. On the popup, click "NEAR (web)"


5.On next page, click Next


6. On the next page, click Connect


7. Click the + symbol


8. Choose "Propose to Add Member to Group" from dropdown, enter "Please add me to the Community group" in the Description, enter your LinkedIn or NEAR Governance Forum link in the space for the link, select the community group, and put your NEAR address in the Target, and  click Propose.


9. Copy the link of your proposal and send to