top of page is a meta-DAO supporting cognitive freedom, collective intelligence, and the regeneration of humanity and the planet's ecosystems through the application of emerging technologies including AI, DAOs, Bitcoin Ordinals, regenerative tokens, and the Metaweb.


Bridgit DAO's new book "The Metaweb: The Next Level of the Internet," seeks to change how humanity thinks about the Web and catalyze a shift in paradigm from personal to collective computing. The Metaweb is Web4! Learn more at our Metaweb page

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Presence DAO is developing multiple Metaweb products which enable computation above the webpage. 


The Pacha DAO produces regenerative entertainment that encourages children to become their fullest, most regenerative expression of themselves and to embrace their wholeness. The PachaVerse includes NFT collectibles, Metaverse P2E game, fan tokens, and animated series. 

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Image by Spencer  Watson

Tulumcoin s a decentralized movement focused on regenerating Tulum and its sacred waters.

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