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Not Your Old Man's Web
"The Metaweb book presents a creative argument that warrants further discussion and exploration."
—Vint Cerf, One of the Fathers of the Internet & co-founder of the People-Centered Internet 

The Next Level of the Internet

(To be published by Taylor & Francis Oct. 9, 2023 )


Buckle up for a fascinating journey through layers of insight and metaphors that explain the past, present, and future of the Web. Readers from all walks of life will learn something ancient, something novel, and something practical. Those who give it careful consideration will never see the Web the same way again.



The book “The Metaweb: The Next Level of the Internet” proclaims the existence of decentralized public space above the webpage, which enables the shift from personal to collective computing. The Web’s next frontier is the Metaweb, a hyper- dimensional web over Today’s Web that connects people and information silos, with accountability and fair value exchange. The Metaweb can drastically reduce false information, abuse, and scams, as well as enable the unprecedented level of collaboration needed to address humanity’s global challenges. The book posits a symbiotic relationship between AI and the Metaweb, where AI assists in generating, organizing, and curating content, while the Metaweb provides the necessary constraints, data, and context for AI to function effectively, transparently, and in alignment with humanity. Safe AI-enhanced collaboration among humans on the Metaweb will enable a vast collective intelligence and the capture of tremendous untapped value.


Metaweb Launch Events
Talk | Interactive Demo | Q&A


October 9, 2023

5-7p Pacific Time

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October 11, 2023

10-11:30a Pacific Time



October 11, 2023

6-7:30p Pacific Time


Bitcoin Ordinal Theory +
Metaweb Theory =
Meta-Ordinal Theory

Ordweb is an early Metaweb experiment that aims to create a robust information ecology so that Bitcoin becomes the premiere repository for the world's most valuable (bit-for-bit) information.

Bitcoin can be a modern day Library of Alexandria that cannot be centralized, censored, sacked, or burned down. 


The Metaweb Challenge:
Earn a Digital Badge for advancing the SDGs

The Experiential Learning Network of the University of Buffalo is hosting The Metaweb Challenge.

Earn a digital badge for self-organizing a project that catalyzes the shift from personal to collective computing to support the achievement of the SDGs.

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Architect The Overweb

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