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Join the Canopi movement & launch a meta-community that is active over the entire web

Or keep surfing the web by yourself

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A Handbook for the Next Generation of the Web

Today's Web is dangerous and we don't know what to believe. It's also exploitative with perverse incentives that encourage meaningless and narrciststic behavior.

The Metaweb: The Next Level of the Internet (Taylor & Francis, 10/9/23) presents a framework for solving these problems while shifting the paradigm from personal to collective computing, and enabling the unprecedented levels of collaboration needed to address our global challenges.


Click here to learn about the Metaweb movement and how you can get involved.

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The Overweb


We're applying Metaweb Theory to Bitcoin


Building a modern-day Library of Alexandria that cannot be centralized, censored, sacked, or burned down

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Let's reinstall the big missing feature of the web: computation above the webpage.


This enables purpose-aligned communities to have a dedicated space above the web page for collaboration.

The Metaweb anchors the shift from the harmful attention economy towards a regenerative future with information integrity, free expression, fair value exchange & the massive collaboration needed to shift the course of humanity.

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