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As a Metaweb Pioneer, take a stand for a multi-faceted shift from:

  • Users to participants

  • A flat and static web to a multi-layered, hyper dimensional web

  • Fragmentation to ubiquitous context

  • A harmful attention economy to a knowledge and collaboration economy that is a force multiplier on value

  • Personal computing to collective computing a la Doug Engelbart

  • Centralized content & attention traps to participatory discourse

  • And very practically, weak to strong browsers.

We find ourselves in the final stages of a battle for control over human consciousness that can be traced back to a fundamental shift that occurred 4,500 years ago, from the Lunar Era to the Solar Era. This shift brought about changes such as the replacement of the shamanic cultural hero with the king/warrior, the adoption of a linear perspective on life rather than a cyclical one, the subjugation of nature to human domination, and a focus on celebrating individual achievement and catering to the ego. While this shift brought about progress in the form of the scientific method, the industrial revolution, and the Internet but it also resulted in negative outcomes such as colonialism, witch hunts, unfettered capitalism, and the attention economy,. ​ Although the internet was initially created with Lunar values, it was co-opted in 1995 when a crucial feature was removed from web browsers, making it the primary tool for controlling human consciousness. Instead of uplifting and unifying us, the web now fragments humanity into echo chambers and information into silos, exacerbating social polarization and contributing to the erosion of critical thinking skills. The forces of division, including those of gender, race, and class, work to prevent us from recognizing the truth. The current censorship regime seeks to limit what you see to establishment narratives and controlled opposition, which serve as distractions from the larger issues. We exist in a reality that resembles the Matrix's portrayal of constructed reality, with the internet serving as a tool to manipulate our thinking. We are all living in digital cages, with AI algorithms serving as the invisible bars that constrain us. The web, which should be a source of knowledge and connection, instead functions as a prison for our minds. ​ As if things weren't already challenging enough, we're now facing an influx of content generated by AI that's becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate from human-created content. With the rise of generative and autonomous AI, we're on the cusp of a world where we'll be bombarded with fraudulent schemes, false information, and manipulative content, all potentially tailored to our online and offline activity history. This flood of content will leave us unable to trust what we see, hear, or read. ​ Fortunately, there's a solution to this problem that many people aren't aware of: the Metaweb. As the existing system lurches towards collapse, we can build a parallel system above the webpage.  By joining the ranks of the 777 pioneers of the Metaweb, you can help create a more safe, accountable, and collaborative internet that upholds cognitive freedom. By supporting the next level of the web, you'll receive priority access to the Metaweb ecosystem. Don't wait – take a stand for a better internet today! ​ Stand with us now!

777 NFT Collection 

0.1 ETH (or equivalent) 

40% discount for Alpha List

Roadmap coming soon!


  • June 2023

    • At 400 on Alpha list, open Metaweb Pioneers mint to Alpha List  for 24 hours

  • July 2023

    • Public mint

  • September  2023

    • Onboarding to Bridgit DAO  to 

    • NFT book sent to Metaweb Pioneer holder​s

    • Virtual book launch event

  • ​​​Q4 2023

    • Metaweb tour begins

    • Online course NFT sent to Metaweb Pioneer holder​s

    • Priority in Presence token offering

    • Priority in Overweb NFT

  • 2024

    • Licensing​ of the Metaweb IP

    • Holders receive discounts on Meta-domains

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