Welcome to Bridgit - a web overlay that advances the way communities view, share and engage with information on the web. Bridgit connects the world's online information into a Universal Knowledge Graph for the Web.

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Bridger Challenge:
A Knowledge Sport challenges brings together individuals and teams to compete while creating bridges between content on the web. uses smart tags called bridges that connect ideas on web pages leveraging the Overweb, a trust layer over the Web that layers knowledge on webpages. is like eSports for Fact Checking.

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We are reinstalling the big missing feature of the web according to the father of the browser.


We enable the other part of the "Metaverse" that no one talks about. Digital Nations are purpose-aligned communities that have a dedicated space above the web pages. We enable decentralized trust and governance apps over the web page.

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Thereby anchoring the shift from the harmful attention economy towards a regenerative future with information integrity, free expression, fair value exchange, and massive collaboration on knowledge building through knowledge sports and a universal knowledge graph.





Bridgit builds decentralized applications on The Overweb - a governance & trust layer over the web page. Our claim to fame is the Bridge patent. enables participants compete in building bridges that connect evidence to claims, thereby providing context for false claims on the web.

Digital Nations and the universal knowledge map provide a decentralized solution for collective sensemaking, privacy and trust, and fair value exchange, enabling humanity for the first time to think, learn, and build knowledge together at scale.


Bridgit is the proud recipient of the Disruptive Culture Driver award from the EU's flagship Next Generation Internet program.

Have you ever wondered why the Internet is organized around pages?

The web is the most powerful communication technology ever invented, but if you want to find something, you have to navigate between one whole page and another. Then you have to search on that page, for what you are looking for....if it's there at all.

Bridges enables participants to create bi-directional, deep links between ideas. Participants build bridges between pieces of content with a relationship (e.g., contradictory or supporting), rather than relying on the webpage builder to mechanically create uni-directional links to entire webpages and hoping you can figure out what they thought was important when they made the webpage.

The time of the Internet of Pages is over. 




Are you working on something BIGGER than you?

Do you have a complex problem that merits a wise response? A deep inquiry that needs research? An information ecology that wants to be built?

There is NO map for your research
You and other geographically dispersed people are concerned if not working on a BIG hairy problem that has lots of moving pieces, perspectives, and an increasing amount of online content. When many parties are at the knowledge table, the opportunities multiple to understand, integrate and synergize across perspectives. You need to be able to share content with context and collaborate on knowledge maps across organizational barriers. You need to build knowledge together without the friction of direct coordination.

Crowdmap The Research

A Massive Online Research Collaboration or MORC is like World of Warcraft meets Wikipedia in a Browser Overlay. With the guidance of the convening organization, stakeholders can build out the relevant information ecology one bridge at a time, creating shared context for collaboration and communication.