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CROWD PROMPT: Unlocking the Creative Genius

The book "Crowd Prompt: Unlocking the Collective Genius" is a comprehensive guide to using generative crowd prompting to unlock the creativity and collective intelligence of groups and teams. Through a series of chapters and exercises, the book helps readers understand the principles and best practices of generative crowd prompting, and provides practical tips and tools for applying these techniques in a variety of settings. Whether you are a business leader, a change-maker, or a member of a community or organization, this book will give you the tools and inspiration you need to tap into the collective genius of your group and create something beautiful and meaningful together.    


Table of Contents


Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Generative Crowd Prompting
Chapter 2: The Power of Collective Intelligence
Chapter 3: Facilitating Creativity and Innovation
Chapter 4: Building Collaborative Teams
Chapter 5: Unlocking the Creative Potential of Groups
Chapter 6: Generative Crowd Prompting in Virtual Settings
Chapter 7: Generative Crowd Prompting in Action
Chapter 8: Building a Generative Crowd Prompting Culture
Chapter 9: Applying Generative Crowd Prompting in Your Context
Chapter 10: Unleashing the Collective Genius of Your Group

Epilogue: Generative Crowd Prompting Above the Webpage




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